Follow your dreams,
we take care
of your bookings

Booketea is a booking management and availability control platform for the tourism, culture and leisure industry. It creates, manages and distributes the company's offering through different channerls, allowing detailed tracking of their sales.

Follow your dreams,
we take care
of your bookings
Follow your dreams,
we take care
of your bookings
Follow your dreams,
we take care
of your bookings

Built for...


Active tourism, hotels, leisure and culture sector


Travel agencies


Digital marketing and tourism consulting companies

Manages bookings of...

Theme parks
Cultural sites


Dynamic sales, higher revenues
Fast and safe check-in/ticket validation
Numerous marketing support tools
Reports and statistics just a click away
Management of sales channels

Continued growth of the functionalities
No strings attached, paying only for what you sell!*

*Self management mode. See different types of support with a monthly fee

Programa Tu Oferta Comercial - iMac mostrando Booketea para hacer sus reservas

Set up your commercial offering

You can easily add all of your tours and events and set their availability, choosing different capacities per transport / group.

The great flexibility that Booketea offers when setting prices, discounts and rates will allow you to boost up your sales and to adapt to demand at each moment.

Then you can schedule your activities / events in an intuitive calendar.

All information entered will automatically be visible on your website and for all the other sales channels.

Offer secure payment methods

Booketea provides you with many different options for receiving payments from your customers with maximum security.

You can offer secure payment gateways for your online sales, PayPal, bank transfer payments, B2B credit, or redeeming a gift voucher.

Moreover, you can define the payment methods to be used by each point of sale during the booking process.

Pagos Seguros
Puntos de Venta

Configure your points of sales

Your Website, Facebook, Ticket office, company-owned offices, own sales staff online agencies, National and international travel agencies, Hotels, shops and other partners.

For each one of them you can choose the allowed payment methods, products / services to sell, define their commissions and / or allow selling at a special discount.

Easily integrate bookings with your website

You can include the booking option on your company’s website.

The system instantly generates the code that you can embed on your website, choosing between different modes of integration and adapting your sales tool to the corporate image of your company.

And… start receiving bookings!

Integración en la web

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